Uudenmaan Seuramatkat travel shop

SMAL 26495

KKV 4058/00/MjMv

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Travel Agency
Uudenmaan Seuramatkat Oy

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 10.00 - 17.00

Tel: +35819 427 4700

Email: toimisto@

Street address:
Uudenmaankatu 5-9

Flights and Hotels

Our agency is a qualified IATA-agency which means we can issue international flight tickets all over the world. Let our travel experts find you the best routes and options. They can also help you to choose a comfortable accommodation, transfers, rental cars and conference rooms.

We use high quality computer reservation systems such as Amadeus and others. The latest technology helps us offer a wide range of professional services and help our customers with the problems they may face during their journey.

Without a travel agency you are travelling alone!