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Monday 16.1.- Tuesday 17.1.2017, 2 Days

HYVINKÄÄ is a city known for its pure nature, safety and healthy pine-scented air. It is easy to pay even a quick visit from the Helsinki airport as the travel time is only for half an hour.

The Story of Hyvinkää-package will give you an insight on Finnish nature, culture, culinary delights, design and outdoors activities, all in one.

This tour is suited best for groups of people who wish to experience Finland in a compact “nutshell”. This itinerary would also be suitable for “stop-over” groups.

This tour is also a great option for Chinese tourists who do not speak English. Chinese speakers will have their itinerary translated and an experienced guide at their service.

Welcome to enjoy warm hospitality and to join the 100th Anniversary of both Finland and Hyvinkää in 2017.


DAY 1         Monday 16.1.2017

Time           Activity

08.30          Pick up from the Kiasma Modern Art Museum bus stop in Helsinki


09.00          Pick up from the Holiday Inn Pasila Hotel in Helsinki (Fair Centre/Messukeskus)

Service provided by Hyvinkään Liikenne Charter Coaches                                                                  

10.00          Local “superfood” brunch at Knehtilä farm, The Most Nature Friendly organic farm in the Baltic region.                                                                    

Ice sculpting, snow man building and other guided snow activities. A chance to work with snow and real artists!                                                                   

12.00-13.00 Bake your own bread and learn about the ingredients used in traditional Finnish cuisine. Lunch.

Service provided by Knehtilä Farm - Organic Farming combined with meeting facilities, country shop and cafe

14.00          ABC’s of curling, ice hockey or skiing, choose your favorite sports and get to try it with pro guides!

Service provided by Travel Agency Uudenmaan Seuramatkat Oy and Sveitsi Skiing Center                                  

16.15          Transfer to Hotel Cumulus. Service provided by Cumulus Hotel Hyvinkää

17.40          Transfer to Restaurant Neilikka. Service provided by Hyvinkään Liikenne Charter Coaches                                                   

18.00          The Mayor of Hyvinkää welcomes you to enjoy the traditional Finnish Feast. Great menu with folk dancing and music played with traditional instruments. Service provided by Restaurant Neilikka                                                                                                     

21.00          Transfer to the hotel Cumulus Hyvinkää. Service provided by Hyvinkään Liikenne Charter Coaches

DAY 2         Tuesday 17.1.2017

07.00-         Breakfast at the hotel. Service provided by Cumulus Hotel Hyvinkää

08.45          Transfer to Sveitsi Nature Park area

09.00          Brand new Sveitsi Spa Hotel Resort presentation. Out and about to have fun in Sveitsi Nature Park with local outdoors options

Amazing 500 meter zip line and tree trails if you dare! Service provided by SeikkailuSveitsi Adventure Park

Sveitsi Nature Park with local outdoors options. Service provided by Hyvinkään Erämatkat

Brand New Sveitsi SpaHotel presentation Service provided by Sveitsi SpaHotel

11.00          Transfer to the hotel. Check out at 11.40

11.45          Pick up for the Culture Tour. Service provided by Hyvinkään Liikenne Charter Coaches

12.00          Culture tour begins: The story of two houses Inebriation and Hangover

13.30          The essentials of Finnish sauna

14.00          Lunch – delicious salmon on the open fire and other Finnish culinary treats.

Service provided by Riikka Sakki (Inebriation and Hangover)                                                               

14.45          Meet Santa Claus! Service provided by Arja Nieminen ja Timo Repo                                  

15.00          Hyvinkää city tour including the Finnish Railway Museum, Hyvinkää Church, the symbol of the city and other sights. Service provided by Finnish Railway museum and Hyvinkää guides 

17.00-17.45         Time for shopping Finnish design and brands at Willa Shopping Mall

17.45          Transfer to Kytäjä. Service provided by Hyvinkään Liikenne Charter Coaches

18.00          Kytäjä Golf and dinner. Learn about the best Golf Course in Finland, Kytäjä Golf and luxurious Kytäjä cottages. Service provided by Kytäjä Golf. Quality hunting trips in Finland. Prensentation provided by Kartanon Riista

20.30          Transfer back to Helsinki. Service provided by Hyvinkään Liikenne Charter Coaches                                                                  

21.30          Back in Helsinki. Thank you for visiting Hyvinkää and have a safe journey back home!

We recommend all the tourists who visit Finland in January, will pack warm winter clothing as well as winter shoes, hats and gloves. The temperature may be as low as -20c!

The programme includes some walking and outdoors activities so paying attention to clothing is essential.

From Visit Finland site you can find some tips:

This programme is designed by Travel Agency Uudenmaan Seuramatkat, Tel +358 19 427 4700

Please contact Jaana Mäkelä should you have any questions or concerns regarding the FAM trip.


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